Extended Coverage in Pakistan and India

India and Pakistan educated middle class populations are on a fast-paced rise. India has a middle-class of 267 million people, bigger than the U.S. at 150 Million. In Pakistan, 38% are counted as the middle class; 84 million Pakistanis belong to the middle and upper classes, a population size larger than that of Germany. No matter where organizations and individuals are anywhere in the world, there are many economic, educational, family, business and travel reasons to own an India and/or Pakistan direct inward dialing phone number.

DIDX members can now buy and resell India and Pakistan phone numbers to help your clients’ families stay in touch with students abroad, to compliment tourism and hospitality programs, small businesses to communicate more easily with their suppliers, vendors and remote team mates and with current and potential customers in India and Pakistan. These are just a few examples of the power of India and Pakistan direct inward dialing via DIDX.net. A DIDX member’s client can buy the India or Pakistan phone number from the DIDX member and share that phone number with their VIP (very important people) in Pakistan and India. Those VIP in Pakistan and India will dial the local phone number and it will ring the DIDX member’s client no matter where that client is.

Log in to your DIDX account and click BUY DID to purchase the India and Pakistan phone numbers and start reaping the rewards now. Our goal at DIDX, as always, is to make sure you, the buyers and vendors on DIDX benefit highly in gaining your own clients and retaining them and growing your business as worldwide as your goals.

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