What is a Managed Service Provider? Why DID Japanese Konica Minolta Buy One?

A Japanese business and industrial imaging products company buys 48-person managed service provider to better assist businesses with moving voice services to the cloud. And why not? So…voice is alive and kicking. What is a managed service provider? It delivers managed services. Those managed services are usually provided via a subscription model. Businesses will outsource and subscribe to a managed service provider who manages the certain responsibilities and functions. The MSP uses tried-and-true, strategic methods to improve operations and cut costs for the company that makes the agreement with them.

Konica Minolta acquired managed service provider Columbus, Ind.-based TLS.NET that could eventually provide managed communications services such as electronic mail, phone, VoIP, chat, Internet and/or video conferencing. For now, patch management, remote monitoring. managed antivirus, managed offsite backup. web content protection. remote access, mobile device management, hosted PBX, hosted contact center and SIP trunking to phone system vendors. Konica Minolta’s industrial imaging products company already has the perfect business market that need the assistance to migrate communications services to the cloud for cost-savings and new, empowering features that our DIDX customers and vendors already take for granted.

Konica Minolta call this the Workplace of the Future portfolio they will now offer their clients nationwide. The company has acquired more than 20 different managed service providers since 2012. These acquisitions enable a smart transition from just selling hardware (business and industrial imaging products company) and managed print services to the addition of selling a much more diverse portfolio of total managed IT services. Watch other companies who traditionally sell products to acquire more managed service provider companies and voice will be a major target.

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